Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino The theme of this Zodiac Casino site is all about horoscopes and for those that like this area of prediction, the site has daily horoscopes. Since gamblers are a superstitious lot, this site will be like catnip to a cat. Zodiac Casino has a great deal going on at their site, that adds to the horoscope theme. This site has over 200 games, but consistently brings out new games many times during the year. The games are a selection of the better slot games, casino games and video poker. The latest promotions for the site are 50 free spins on the Starscape Video slot game and $40 bonus on a deposit of $100. Other promotions are always being announced on a monthly basis so a player needs to read the current list of promotions.

Zodiac Casino The horoscope theme is unique in the online casino gambling world and should attract many players that read their own horoscope every day. Some even believe what they read will happen for real in their life.

The bonuses are easy to earn and turn into money that can be withdrawn, as the play through rate is only 7 times the bonus plus the deposit. This is far fairer to the customer than the typical rate of 30 times the bonus. It is about time that this unfair practice was changed and other new casinos are aware of this and changing this rule about bonuses. The newer casinos are realizing that the new players are willing to read the rules and are looking for casinos that offer better player rules about money in their account. Zodiac Casino falls into this new group of casinos.

Account funding is always important to both parties, the casino and the player. Zodiac Casino makes it as easy as they can by accepting credit cards and e-wallets like Neteller or other popular wallets. Withdrawals are fast and can be made using the same methods for most customers. Read the rules for withdrawal so that they are clear in your thinking. This is important, as most negative comments about any casino have to do with withdrawal. The core to the issue is a misunderstanding about the rules. Zodiac Casino tries to make this area more palatable by having fairer rules and making them well known to the players.

Zodiac Casino Important factors on any site always include customer support. Quality sites have quality support and Zodiac Casino follows this example. Their customer support is available 24/7 via phone, email or Live Chat. The support staff is efficient and can answer most questions except those that take some additional research to get the answer. This is an example of what a good gaming site does where their customers are at the heart of the matter. This makes sense, as keeping players happy is always a smart move.

Zodiac Casino has a unique site, due to its theme, graphics and colors. The use of horoscopes to attract players is a very unusual idea and yet there are millions of players that read their horoscopes on a routine basis. Any portion of this large group of people that come on board would be a real capture for the website. Not only can players go online at this site and play, but also they can read their current horoscope to see if today is listed as their lucky day.

It does not matter whether the player believes the prediction in the horoscope or not. A positive sign will give the player a feeling of impending good luck. This could benefit both the casino and the player in that the wagers may be bigger and more frequent. The luck factor will determine who wins in this situation.