Baccarat Rules

Baccarat Rules Baccarat is a casino game with a very small house edge. The proof of this is the fact that the player pays a commission on a winning bank bet. Since there are only three possible results on any hand of baccarat rules, the house win is in a tie with the player win. But the house needed to lose less money on one or the other for an edge so they elected to charge for winning on the bank hand. A tie hand loses no money unless the player has bet on the tie hand. If a tie is the result, it pays either 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 depending on where the player is playing.

The game is rather simple as played online or in most live US casinos. The hands are dealt to a single player and the bank. In a live table game or an online game with several players at the table, the player with the biggest bet is dealt the player hand. The player dealing from the shoe is the bank hand. Online where the typical game is one on one this playing a dealt hand is not part of the game.

Baccarat Rules The single player hand is the hand that controls the wager for those that have bet on the player side. This one hand represents all player bets or the single player bet. The bank hand represents all bank side bets. The winner of this hand is the two cards that total nine or less and beats the other hand. Ten and face cards are zero and every other card is its face value in count. When the two cards are added together, if they total more than nine, only the last digit represents that hand. An example of this is a hand with a five and a seven would only add to two in baccarat rules. A face card or a ten and a two would result in the same value of two. If either the bank hand or the player hand add up to eight or nine, the deal is over with the bigger of the count under ten is the winner.

In online casinos the baccarat rules for taking a hit are set in stone and depend on the players hand first and the card they draw if they are able to draw. The bank hand also is fully displayed after the player receives a hit or not. A player hand stands on five or more depending on what bank card is displayed These hit or not situations are cast in stone and the dealer of the hand knows whether the player or the bank is supposed to hit or not. These situations are adequately covered on any baccarat chart that is available on many baccarat rules information sites online. Use the Internet search engine to find one or more of these charts and hitting or standing on a hand. Actually there is no decision by the player in this situation as the dealer of the game enforces the rules of hitting or not. The house baccarat rules for the game are not open to caprice or hunches, but the taking of a third card depends on the holding of the bank and the player and the hit card dealt to the player. By making the game much simpler to play the casinos have taken the European version of Chem De Fer and turned it into a game that can be played in any casino in the world or online. The game has a very low house edge and just a little luck can make any player a winner.