Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy Craps strategies is another game where the house edge can be reduced by playing it correctly. There are bets on a dice table that are not good bets for the player. Big six or eight should not be bet, but if a player wants to bet on these numbers use the place bet as a replacement. Buying the four or ten is a good bet since buying these two numbers gives the player the best odds on the numbers. Also the commission is paid only on winning bets, but not on losing bets. Field bets are not a good bet even though the player will win if any of the numbers in the field are rolled. Betting the numbers individually is a far better wager as the odds on each will help overcome losing wagers. Hardways are not a great bet, however on a hot table they will show up more often and this makes them more playable.

The biggest mistake the player of craps make is not taking the odds on pass line bets. The player should take whatever level of odds the house will allow on come or pass bets. Taking the odds increases the players risk, but the payoff when the bets are won reduce the house odds against the players. This is the proper way to play these bets and not taking the odds leaves the house with better odds. If the table becomes hot, the money won on a hot table can be mind boggling in size and the speed with which the money will accumulate.

Craps Strategy High rollers play craps, baccarat and Blackjack for one simple reason. These games have the lowest house edge and therefore are the easiest to beat. Craps has a long history of being a good game to play, however the learning curve on this game takes some study and the effort to learn how to play the game correctly. For this reason the game is not as popular with casual players. Players that understand the game and the way to bet are more than willing to spend some time at a craps table. Getting back to good bets on the table, the place bets are solid as they pay good odds. Most dice players that know there way around a dice table will place the five six, eight of nine. They will buy the four and the ten to get better odds. Watch a table where a player knows what they are doing and you will see that they do exactly what has been described in their betting. They refuse to play the sucker bets and gang up on the better bets.

One area of contention is betting on one-roll bets such as Hardways or craps or eleven. The only thing this author can say about eleven and twelve is that they can be played and have a tendency to group up during the play. I have bet on the eleven/twelve and seen it repeat four times in a row more than once in my gaming play. Since these two bets pay 15 and 30 to one, this can be a significant amount of money if the player just doubles the bet after each winning roll. If your hunches seem to happen routinely, then listen to the hunch where these bets are concerned.

Good gamblers are percentage players and great gamblers are blessed with a sixth sense of the right move to make. Both will play the percentages but the great gamblers have ESP going for them or something like it.

For the rest of us that do not have this sixth sense of the future, percentage play is winning play over time.