Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino Royal Vegas Casino is an attempt to capture online the old time Vegas casino with as many aspects of these historical casinos as possible. The website went online in 2002, which makes it one of the older online casinos. The site has over 300 games and has a reputation for promotions that pay big bonuses. The online atmosphere that is created by this site will bring a nostalgic memory to any player who visited Vegas in the old days when the Sands and other now demolished casinos were in their glory days. The selection of games is a testament to the fact that the site may be marketed as a historical replica of old Vegas, but the games are the ones on the leading edge of online gaming. Every game of any importance is available on this site. This includes slots; progressive slots, video slots and table games just to mention a few of the game types that a player can choose from. Each category has enough variety in it that choices are hard to make when first viewing the list of games. One of the similarities that this online casino gambling has with old time Vegas casinos is the fact that the new live casinos were the beginning of the great competition that flowered in Vegas. The same competitive scene is now growing in the online universe of casinos.

Royal Vegas Casino When a customer decides to fund an account, the wise player will use Neteller if it is available for them as this funding method is worth a 50% bonus or up to $500. The site also offers 100 free spins on one of its slot games and that is an additional bonus for new players to the site. The matching bonus is a variable that is changed from time to time, so the player should read the latest promotions that the site has available.

When funding the account, the customer can use credit cards, e-wallets like Neteller or Click2 Pay. Wire transfers are also accepted. Withdrawals can be done in the same way in many cases, except for credit cards. There are always rules that must be followed to make withdrawals. Verification of identity and play through rules when the bonus money is involved, need to be adhered to. It is a wise player that reads these rules to prevent surprises when doing a withdrawal.

Royal Vegas Casino Customer support is always and important consideration for any player that is looking at a site for future play. Solid sites have excellent customer support, which means the customer can get help 24/7. Royal Vegas Casino uses Live Chat, email and free phone calls in 13 countries to achieve the support that customer expect from good gaming site.

Come to Royal Vegas Casino if you want to go back to the time that Vegas was the only game in town so to speak. Online casinos and other casino cities or Indian tribe casino were not even in the picture in the old days. Old time gamblers that understood what gamblers wanted in a casino ran the casinos. Royal Vegas Casino tries to recreate that type of atmosphere with its online site. The site does a great job of making the player feel like they are in one of these older live casinos. However, the online casino gambling also offers a wide range of games that make playing there as exciting as they can make an online casino.