Craps Rules

Craps Rules Craps is another of the casino games that when properly played has an extremely low house edge. The game is played on a green felt table with a layout in white lines, numbers and text. The game is played with dice and chips that are of various values. The chip values are noted by their various colors and this is the way the croupiers can keep track of what is wagered. There are a number of bets that can be made on a dice table. Each bet that is possible has its own payoffs and rules when they can be made. The basic bet at a dice table is the pass line bet, which pays even money when it is won. The way it is won is by rolling a seven or eleven or getting a come out number of four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. If the come out number is repeated before a seven is thrown, the bet is won. An additional bet can be made by taking the odds on the come out number by placing a bet behind the pass line bet. The amount of this bet depends on the pass line bet and the rules on taking the odds that the house has set for the dice table. Some casinos will let a player take whatever risk they wish and some will only let a player take one or two times the odds bet. The amount of a single odds bet depends on the come out number and what the house will allow.

The next common bet is a come bet which is only made when there is a come out number in play. The come bet is placed on the table where the word come is the text. This bet is exactly like the pass line bet and the same rules apply to it as the pass line wager. If come out number is rolled the croupier will move the come bet to the place bet area.

Craps Rules The next common dice bet is the placing of a number like any of these, the six, the four, the five, the eight, the nine or ten. Each of these bets carries the odds for that number and the payoff is the odds if it is rolled before a seven.

Other bets on the table are the four hard ways, which are a pair of twos, threes, fours or fives. Each of these bets carries a payoff that is based on the pair.

Another bet that is often made by shooters is the three craps numbers, which are a pair of snake eye (ones), a deuce/one or a pair of sixes. The last major section for betting on a dice table is labeled the field. The field is a one-roll bet on the following group of numbers: two, three, four, ten, eleven and twelve. They each pay even money except the two pays two to one and the twelve pays three to one.

Some casinos will allow a one roll bet of snake eyes, ten the hard way, eleven and twelve. These bets must be one on the one roll or they are lost. The snake eyes and twelve pay 30 to one and the eleven pays 15 to one.

As you can see there is a lot to playing on a dice table and the payoffs must be committed to memory. The learning curve for the game is far steeper than other casino games, but the low house edge makes the game worth learning to play Maybe this is the reason that the hot dice table is a magnet for players in a live casino.