Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker Strategy Video Poker strategy is important if you ever want to collect on a royal flush. Royal Flushes rarely just pop up on a spin without a further draw. Knowing what to keep and when to keep the cards is what makes a difference. If the player is playing Bonus Deuces Wild these decisions of what to draw to get very interesting as the wild deuces can make many hands even better. Many players will draw to any hand that has three cards to a royal flush. The caveat here is if the other two cards are a pair or not. The reason for this is with the wild deuces it is not that hard to make a wild royal flush or a flush or even three of a kind. If one of the cards kept is a deuce with two others to the royal flush, this hand has even more possibilities. This hand can easily turn into a straight, three of a kind or even a higher hand. The point is that the cards kept going into the draw should be those that give the player the most possibilities that will make a paying hand.

When the player's hand comes down two pairs and one pair is twos up to fives, this pair should be drawn to as the four or five of a kind with these low cards pays more than the other pair. Drawing to two pair is a bad bet as the odds of catching one of the pairs is lower that drawing to one pair and making a hand.

Video Poker StrategyDrawing to low straight flushes is a good move as the payoff on these hands is excellent. The easiest way to decide what to draw to is look at the payoff list of hands. Once these are fairly well known the drawing situations become almost second nature. When a lousy hand is dealt with one deuce the best play is to keep the deuce and draw four cards. If the hand is a lousy five cards throw the hand away and draw five cards for a new hand. The point is the lousy hand is a guess as to what to draw too, but five new cards may give a really good hand.

This game is one where percentage plays should rule most of the time, but hunches and feelings are allowed as long as they are not over done. Playing the percentage is not glamorous, but it is a way to come away with a winning session. This is the beauty of video poker strategy; the player has a direct affect on the outcome of each hand. Making decisions has helped to make this game very popular and has added to the allure of slot games. Many non slot players will play video poker as the skill of the player does have a place in this game where regular slots are all about luck. Most players are willing to leave their fate to luck, but video poker strategy combines both.

Another hand that comes up often in video poker is when a pair of wild deuces is dealt and no other great connectors are present. The play here is to keep the deuces and draw three cards. You are going to end up with at least three of a kind and due to the wild deuces; the hand could end up being a big payoff hand.

The decision making process in this game will rapidly improve for players that notice what happens when the draw is made. This game is this authors favorite game in a casino along with three-card poker.