Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Rules Blackjack rules are straight forward for the most part and easily learned by the player. The first step in playing is for the player to decide if they are going to bet one hand at a time or more. The player then places a bet or bets. The dealer then deals the hands out one card at a time and finishes the deal by turning the last card dealt to them up so the table has an idea of the quality of the dealer hand. If the dealer is showing an Ace, they look at their hole card. If they have Blackjack they turn over their hand. The player cards can be dealt face up or down depending on the casino the game is being played in and the type of game as to a single deck or a multi-deck shoe game.

Each player in turn is asked if they want a hit or not if they do not have a Blackjack. Each player can make other decisions when it is time to play their hand. They can split pairs or double down on their hand if they have a hand that warrants this play or meets the casino Blackjack rules of doubling down only a ten to eleven. Aces split can only get one card each when split. Any other pair may be hit after receiving the second card. In some casinos the split pair can be split again if the second card on either of the splits is a matching card.

Blackjack Rules Basically those are the Blackjack school for playing Blackjack online or in a live casino. Each casino sets its own rules for how the game will be played as far as the bet level, the splitting of pairs and the doubling down on any two cards. They can set up a multi-deck shoe or play the game with a single deck. The casino can set the minimum bet level and the maximum bet level. Most casinos will only let the player handle the cards with one hand and the cards must be kept in plain site at all times. The player must visually indicate whether they want a hit or not by scratching the felt for a hit or waving their hand over their cards. Online they just click on a button for hit or stand.

Players are not supposed to show hands that are dealt face down to other players. When playing the game with multiple hands, the player must complete action on each hand in the order they were dealt. The exception to this is if the dealer is showing an Ace. In this case, the player can look at all of their hands.

When the dealer is showing an Ace, the player can elect to take insurance on the hand in case the dealer has Blackjack. This bet is one that must be announced to the dealer and by pushing out the insurance bet, beside the original bet.

A similar action is the correct way to double down a bet that meets the Blackjack rules of the house as to what hands can be doubled down on.

It is incumbent on each player to know the rules of the game they are playing in order to play correctly and keep the game moving along. The casino will appreciate this, but of more importance is the rules can be used to the player’s advantage in certain situations. If in doubt about a rule of the game you are playing, ask the dealer the house rule you need to understand. This perfectly acceptable in any casino whether it is online or in a live casino.