Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy Roulette Strategy is about hitting winning numbers and not about skill. With this in mind the player must come up betting patterns that do not offset each other like betting on red and black at the same time. Betting the top 18 numbers and then other numbers in both this group and maybe the zeros is a protection bet and not necessarily a self defeating bet because a winning single number pays 35 to one. Red against black are offsetting bets and could both lose if either of the zeros are where the ball finally comes to rest

A player could bet a column and any single number bets they wish and not have offsetting bets as the odds difference is part of this bet. Players need to be aware of the payoffs of all bets they wish to use, as this is the secret to roulette strategy betting. Any group of bets needs to make sense and not be bets that win, but the overall bet is more than is won. Common sense betting is the nature of solid betting Making bets that win and do not cover the amount bet if one of them wins, does not make good sense. It is also incumbent on the player to structure their total bet so that no matter which part wins, the money collected is more than was originally bet. A simple example would be making an even money bet and two individual numbers. If three dollars was bet on any even money bet and a dollar each on the two numbers, this bet would either loose all bets or hit one or more of them. If any one of them was hit, the profit would be one dollar up to over 34 dollars profit.

Roulette Strategy Other bets that are useful in betting roulette strategy are betting groups of four numbers. Any group that hits will pay 8 to one. So three dollar bets would loose three dollars or win a profit of five dollars. This bet would cover 12 numbers and leave 24 plus uncovered.

Take a look at the payoffs on any payoff chart that can be found on many Internet sites. There are 22 bets that can be made on the roulette layout. The smart player will devise strategies using this chart to make bets that work together and not against each other. There is literally no limit to the number of combination bets that any player can come up with. All a player needs to do is figure out what the minimum bet on the elements of the combinations would pay and make sure that each total is more than the total bet. Any combination bet must show a profit when it is hit. If this cannot be seen mathematically then the bet is not a good one to make. Winning any one of the bets that make up the combination must cover total bets of combinations. In roulette strategy there is nothing like card counting or such, there is only pattern betting, hunches or favorite numbers. One item that is true of this form of gaming is that loss limits should be adhered to for the sake of being able to come back again. Letting losses get out of hand is not smart playing. Roulette strategy has a mystic about it due to movies and stories from books. However do not get suckered into buying any system that that claims it will beat roulette. There is no system know n to man at this time. Only a true psychic with vision of the future may have a system.