Why online gaming is great for celebrities

Celebrities have got used to living almost every waking moment in the public eye, but there are some pastimes that they might like to keep to themselves, although judging by some of the celebrity tweets around, then maybe that's not the case for all of them!

However, although celebs don't have that much privacy today, they can at least indulge in some passions without the world needing to know about it. For instance they could play 32Red online blackjack games or any of the other casino games on the site in the privacy of their own home whenever they felt like it. No-one could tell that it was them playing as every player on the site can choose their own unique username and make it as anonymous as they wish.

It hasn't always been so easy for people in the public eye to gamble in private. The most recent example was when Prince Harry was caught on camera playing strip billiards in a Las Vegas hotel in August 2012. And of course, he was in the company of six young ladies so it made for scandalous headlines at the time. Harry, otherwise known as the Party Prince, was caught letting his hair down during a weekend of partying before flying out to serve for the British army in Afghanistan.

But Harry wasn't the first Royal to be caught up in a gambling scandal. Back in 1890, the Prince of Wales - 'Bertie' - was one of the guests at a house party at Tranby Croft in East Yorkshire. The son of Queen Victoria was known for his love of the high life and enjoyed gambling. At the house party, he joined a game of baccarat, which was illegal to play in England at the time.

During the game, Sir William Gordon-Cumming - another guest and a Scottish landowner - was observed cheating by the party host's son. Allegedly, he was changing the results of the bets after each round. The next evening Sir William was witnessed cheating again, by various guests at the party, who decided to tell the Prince what had happened.

When questioned, Sir William denied cheating but agreed to sign an agreement that he would never play cards again if the incident were kept under wraps. But gossip over the alleged cheating incident spread and led to Sir William being shunned by high society. He in turn, decided to sue those who had accused him for libel. The scandal reached epic proportions when Prince Bertie was asked to be a witness in the court case. The evidence was stacked against Sir William and he lost his case, and was subsequently dismissed from the army.

The Prince meanwhile had to curb his habits following the scandal, and although he continued to gamble, he did so in a much more discreet fashion and according to legend, never played the game of baccarat again.

Prince Harry's recent embarrassment while enjoying his time in Vegas seems far more extreme than Prince Bertie's incident all those years ago, but at the time, it would have caused just as much interest and intrigue. At least today Prince Harry could choose to play casino games online and no-one would be any the wiser!