Poker Bonus FAQ

PokerBefore you use any poker bonuses you have make sure you have understood all the terms and conditions. There can be restrictions with many of these great online poker offers. Here we ill give you a low-down on poker bonuses and try to answer some of the questions you may have.

  • 1. How do I use my poker bonus?

For most poker bonuses you will need the relevant code. This will need to be typed into the promotional code box when you are signing up to your account or making a deposit. Make sure you enter the code at the right point in your sign up/deposit. You may not be able to apply for the poker bonus after the process has been completed.

  • 2. How do I know if my poker code is still valid?

There are lots of out of date poker codes floating around online, so before you apply for the poker bonus offer visit the casino room to check if it is still valid. The code will tell the software system whether you are applying for an eligible bonus or not. This means if you input it into the site you will be notified straight away of it is incorrect or out of date.

  • 3.¬† Why do poker rooms offer bonuses?

Bonuses are a marketing tool that is used to encourage new customers to sign up to poker accounts. They can also be used to encourage existing customers to deposit some more money in their accounts and play more online. There is a lot of competitive for new business in the online betting and sports gambling world. Poker bonuses are a very important way to stay ahead of the crowd.

  • 4. What can I get with poker bonuses?

This will depend on the type of bonus and the website providing the offer. The most common type of poker bonus is 100% on up to $600 of deposited cash. This means you can get up to $600 free cash to play with in your next poker session. However you can also get some even more impressive poker deals if you search around.

  • 5. How do I qualify for poker bonuses?

You will need to be over the age of 18 years (or sometimes 21 years) and not currently a member of the poker site in order to qualify for the bonus sign up offers. You will also need to be eligible to use the website. Some US players may not be able to qualify for certain poker bonuses because of the US online gaming laws restricting the depositing of money into certain online poker websites.