Poker games

Several different variety of poker games are there, which are admired and interestingly played by many people. In the US, poker has remained for some time, but during 1900s most of the poker styles were invented. There are differences in the poker games based on the number of rounds of betting and number of cards along with some other actions.

Even I am fond of playing poker and also try different games just for fun. And if we talk about seven card stud poker game, it is also very interesting game for me like Texas holdem. Seven card stud poker game is also very famous among poker players. Many people play it at their home via internet or in a real casino. In this game, two cards are dealt in a facing down position and one is dealt facing up. This constitute a hand consisting of three cards on the entire poker table. A player is allowed to see the two facing down cards and then move on to bet depending upon his hand containing three cards. In the three subsequent rounds, one face up card is dealt to all players.