Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘Em

No other casino game offers similar advantages to those we enjoy in the poker room. The other games don’t even come close. What other game allows you to view your cards and then decide whether you will play or not, even before you have placed a bet?

The importance of selecting good starting hands can’t be overstated. Some players seem to believe any two cards may end up getting “hit in the mouth” on the flop. In the short term one might see profits from playing low quality starting hands.  Over a period of time, however, the profit derived from low quality starting hands will invariably turn into a loss.

There are many considerations regarding starting hands including but not limited to;

The quality of your hole cards
Your chip stack
Your opponents chip stacks
Your position at the table
The size of the pot
The aggressiveness or passiveness of players yet to act
In tournament play you will also want to consider the stage of the tourney