Simple Jackpot Wagering

Most casual online casino gamers approach their gaming with a sensible leisure bankroll generally a weekly or monthly sum of cash that’s expendable on leisure. However, unless you want to rely on luck to maximise your game-time, check out the key casino tips for extended entertainment (not to mention an extra spin that could trigger jackpot wealth!)………

Stake level

With multiple staking options often ranging from 0.10 to 100.00 it can be a tough call choosing the right casino stake level. It’s always tempting to boost your stake to increase your payout potential but if you hit a poor casino session will it blow your bank? The best way to get around the problem is to decide how many weekly sessions you’re going to play, and how much gaming volume you think you’ll get through in each casino session. Then, simply construct a ‘level stake’ value around your budget and gaming volume.

For example, let’s say you max weekly budget is 50, and you plan on playing 4 sessions with 50 rounds/plays each time you visit the casino. Two hundred rounds divided by 50.00 comes to 0.25. If you lost every wager (which is very unlikely), you’d still get 200 wagers per week. Naturally, some deviation may be needed when placing certain bets and games, but the level stakes concept is a professional approach to casino gaming. It makes real sense to never chase losses and stick to the same stake level preventing volatile results from ruining our casino success.