Poker is Like Shooting at Targets

Poker can be a lot like shooting at targets.  You wait until the perfect moment, get your target carefully lined up in the sights and then you pull the trigger. The only problem is that the targets can, and often do, start shooting back at you!

We hear the poker experts talking about being aggressive. I agree, but I think a lot of the newer players mistakenly believe that means being aggressive all the time. They become what I call “gunslingers.”

The optimum tactic I believe, is to be selectively aggressive. I do not generally play Ace Ace pocket pairs the same as I play speculative hands such as 8 9 suited. There are lots of factors that may change my play and cause me to slow down or speed up, but in general I will be much more aggressive with wired pairs than when I have hole cards that depend on the flop.