IGT releases new Star Trek game

Most of the gamers from the online gambling community look for variation to make the experience fun and to, most importantly, spice up their chances of winning. Playing the same games over and over can make the experience tedious and boring, which is why it’s always a thrilling experience when new games make an appearance. IGT, the industry’s leading manufacturer of gaming machines, has taken this into consideration and they’re ready to release their newest online slot game.

After IGT’s success with their slot and strategy games based on Star Wars and Batman, they decided to focus on the sci-fi crowd. Sci-fi fans, new and old, will be happy to know that IGT’s newest game is based on the 2009 Star Trek movie. The game first debuted at the ICE Total Gaming exhibition this past January, and will be up for release later this month.

But what is so unique about this game? The game uses the company’s latest in slot floor technology to make the game more fun and with a futuristic feel to it. It also includes new bonuses and appearances from Captain Kirk, Science Officer Spock, Lieutenant Uhura and other characters. To make it more unique, It will also include footage from the movie.

According to Craig Churchill, IGT’s senior Vice President of International Sales, the company is focused on delivering a unique player experience to their international customers by using ” the latest in slot floor technology to cutting-edge mobile and online products.”