Three Card Poker

There are many version of poker on the internet. No wonder, online card poker has become one of the most popular games that is played across continents. The rules of the game are easy and there are quite a few reputed sites which you can join as a member and start playing.

Three card poker is an excellent poker based game that can be played online. It is also known as tricard poker and it is widely played in physical casinos as well. Three card poker consists of two games which are called ante-and-play and pairplus. You can choose the play any or both the games.

People like playing online three card poker as it is a simple game and it does not require a lot of strategy. The low house edge of 2.5% makes the game all the more exciting. All you have to do is beat the dealer by making the best combination of three cards with one draw. It is advisable that you choose a reputable online casino for three card poker. Some of the reputed online casinos offering three card poker are Wild Jack Casino, Captain Cook’s Online Casino and Rushmore Casino. These casinos are reputed for their fast payouts.

The rulers of the game are simply. There is a dealer and a player and the dealer deals three cards each from the normal 52 card set. As mentioned before, the game consists of ante-raise and pair plus. In the case of ante-raise, the objective is to get a higher three card poker hand than the dealer. In case of the pair plus game the objective is to bet whether you will get a three card poker hand with any pair or a better combination.