Real bluff on the flop in Omaha

Hello, poker fans, welcome to our blog and our new products on the subject of poker Omaha Hold’em. As you know, Omaha is known as the little sister of Poker Texas Hold ’em, because these two types of poker so much resemble. But there are still some subtle but very important differences that make it important to adapt his style of play every version. The fact that in Omaha each player receives four cards instead of two, naturally has consequences for the whole course of the game, because the number of hands that can hold their opponents increased considerably. Therefore, it is also true that in poker Omaha Hold’em is bluffing the flop unprofitable, while so in poker Texas Hold’em can earn lots of money. With this article we want to show them what it looks like bluffing the flop in Omaha, and note what they should, so they do not flop to bluff in Omaha lose money.