Heads Up Poker Videos

I decided to play a few poker games at Bodog.  I’m conducting an experiment.  I’ll start off with a $5 buy-in to a heads up hold em game.  I’m recording video of all the games, along with my narrative.  I’m going to try hard to build that $5 as high as I can before losing a game.  We’ll see how far I can go.

I should point out that this is not a good way to maximize your profits playing poker and it’s not an example of good poker bankroll management.  I’m just doing this is a personal challenge.  I am stashing a little of the profits but I’m going to keep pushing the games up in buy-ins to see how far I can go before I lose a game.  I may lose fast or I may make a respectable showing.  Either way I’m doing video of each game and publishing them on YouTube.  YouTube limits videos to 10 minutes so I may have to cut out some hands, but I’ll leave in the most important swing hands, whether it’s good or bad for me.

I’m learning new video equipment and software so please bear with me if there are a few little flaws in the videos.  They should be pretty good though.  I’ll work out any bugs as I go along.  I’m hoping some players will leave comments to let me know what plays you liked and which you would have done differently.  Just please keep it civil.  I’m not a professional player, but I rank pretty well as a profitable player on the poker tracking programs.  Maybe you’ll learn something.  If so, please let me know.  Let’s learn together!